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Goal of SYW: Block Chain Boosts Health Industry Development

Block chain technology was born in 2009, known as the next technology to change the world. Along with its development and popularization, the block chain has been applied in more and more industries. It can be said that the current cryptocurrency market is in a dividend period, and there is a huge market demand and development potential in the market. Entering 2021, SYW appears like a dark horse, and it combines many advantages such as low threshold, high return rate, and simple operation to become one of the most popular new-generation cryptocurrencies in the market.

Blockchain + Big Health Platform

Western Pacific Health Industry Group is an international enterprise group focusing on diversified investment in health management, medical investment, insurance and funds, block chain application, internet development, etc. General public usually flinches to use the digital currency due to lacking of appropriate application scenarios, too complicated public key/secret key authentication, as well as the investment risks. Western Pacific Health Industry Group expects to create a digital currency whole-chain solution which is simple, safe and convenient. This allows the general public to invest, participate in and use digital currency in fast and safe manner. This is SYW App.

SYW App is a brand new platform built by the Western Pacific Health Industry Group. It combines its advanced block chain technology with a healthy lifestyle, to motivate people to take active part in fitness exercises. Moreover, users have a chance to get encrypted currency SYW. In the mode of “behavior mining”, SYW combines its cutting edge block chain technology with a healthy lifestyle, to encourage people to take active action in fitness exercise. Users can get SYW through their participation in the community ecological construction.

SYW is the official token issued by the SYW App, the only medium to transmit commercial value that can circulate on the platform. Like Bitcoin and other encrypted currencies, SYW is of extraordinary value. With the data transmission as the subject, and other application scenarios as the entry points, SYW has played its role in all links of global information sharing synchronization system, information settlement system, multifunctional wallet, quantitative trading, intelligent contracts, etc., aiming to facilitate the global block chain and big data industry development.

Unlimited Value of Cryptocurrency

The characteristics of the SYW public chain determine that SYW is decentralized, trustworthy, and non-tamperable. Similar to Bitcoin, it may even become one of the universal cryptocurrencies in the world, with great value.

The value of SYW is mainly determined by its consensus value and circulation value. The so-called “consensus mechanism” is to complete the verification and confirmation of the transaction in a very short time through voting by special nodes; for a transaction, if several nodes with irrelevant interests can reach a consensus, it can be considered that the entire network is This can also reach a consensus.

“Circulation value” is the market price. First of all, the source of SYW’s guarantee is the assets of the West Pacific Health Industry Group. Its value is related to the group’s business ecology and will increase as the group’s market value increases; secondly, the market supply and demand Influenced by the relationship, the circulation value of SYW will also change.

It is expected that within 3 months to half a year, SYW will log in to major exchanges to realize free trading with other cryptocurrencies. By virtue of SYW, the Group desires to set up an all-round healthy ecosystem to bring benefits to each participant, including platform users, governments, insurance companies and medical enterprises. SYW App aims to be an incentive platform, promoting people’s health level and the sound development of the health care industry, helping people from Singapore, Asia and all over the world to improve their health level.